Feida's concept of film and television talents

1, from the top assumptions of the company to the people, such as X theory in management and Y hypothesis. Under the two assumptions, the concept of talent is different. Consider not only whether people's needs are met in different environments, but also the factors that affect people's work efficiency. Especially when people's emotional factors are taken into account later, "respect for the individual" and "humanized management" have become the talent concept pursued by many companies.

2, from the relationship between the enterprise and the staff to determine the location. The positioning of this relationship is reflected in the division of labor, work assessment and salary distribution in different enterprises. The Japanese concept is "we are a team" and the American concept is "employing the best people". In recruitment and selection, Japanese companies emphasize the spirit of cooperation, while American companies emphasize personal competence. This is the opposite reason for the appointment of the general manager in a joint venture between Japan and the United States.

3, we can locate employees' behavior requirements. The most obvious comparison of this situation is the difference between "rational management" and "quick action", or the difference between the two concepts of "following culture" and "developing personality innovation". Under such two different talent concepts, there are obvious differences in the requirements, selection and assessment methods of senior managers.

4. Orientation from the attitude towards talents, such as Haier's "horse racing is not horse racing" and IBM's "internal selection and training". For example, in some enterprises, employees who have worked continuously for 10 years can not be listed as temporary layoffs and permanent dismissals without the prior approval of the chairman and President of the company. Thus, corporate culture plays a very important role in stimulating employees'enthusiasm for work.


The biggest harm of the concept of talents is the discontinuity of the company's personnel policies. Because there is no clear concept of talent, the company's talent policy will change because of small changes in the internal or external environment, and the company's employees do not know what to do is right, the ultimate result is the diversity and variability of enterprise staff behavior standards, resulting in excessive employee ineffective behavior. This has affected the full exertion of human resources.

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