Shandong Zouping radio and TV Center Grand Theatre


The scale and facilities of the theatre are also advanced at the national level. Theater Lighting Network control LAN is equipped with multiple terminals, can be real-time remote monitoring, remote setup of all equipment security work situation, the system can be in the LAN multiple terminal real-time warning system failure.

The system also uses a very convenient personal wireless information terminal to the system real-time comprehensive monitoring and multi-level fault warning. So many advanced technology for "Zouping Broadcasting Center Theater stage Dimming system" provides a strong guarantee. For the future of various performances of the stage lighting artistic effect and service of the general public in Zouping's artistic needs laid a solid foundation.

Stage Lighting Control network system is an important part of the construction of the theater, in the project, Phida provides professional stage lighting control network system equipment selection is stable, safe and reliable, the main console and backup console using Feida independent research and development and production of Phida stage lighting, with very high reliability and stability. The main, the standby dimming platform through the network redundancy synchronous hot backup, the failure occurs when the seamless switch.






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